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kisses are love

+Name: "Jessica"
+Age: "15"
+Location: "Swansea MA"
+Nicknames: "pebbles"
+Boyfriend/Girlfriend: " single"
+Music Choice: "r&b , hip hop"

To Make You Think(please give resons):
+What is your favorite song? Please Explain Why!: " Akon , Lonely .. i love all of akons music in general . but this song reminds me of my ex who i miss alot"
+If you could meet one famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you tell them?: " Tupac he was such an inperational rapper and music wouldnt be what it is today if it wasnt for him , i'd probably tell him how much i loved his music "
+If you were able to live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?: " Florida because its so cold over here in MA and florida has a better climate"
+If you had 5 million dollars, what would you do with it?: " i'd put most of it in the bank probably like 2 million, then buy a house , donate some , and go on a huge shopping spree"
+If you could be on any reality tv show, which one would it be and why?: "Fear Factor , im always up to try new things"

+What's your idea of "the perfect date"?: "something romantic. dinner, movie, walk on the beach but i mean as long as your with the person you care about any date is perfect"
+What's the sweetest thing you have done for anyone?: " i didnt get to see my ex on valentines day because i had mono , so as soon as i was better i set up this big makeshift valentines day thing to surprise him to make up for the month i couldnt see him "
+What's the sweetest thing anyone has done for you?: " "
+What's your favorite taste?: " chocolate "
+What's your favorite smell?: " sweet pea "
+Do you think laughs are contagious?: " yes "

Would/Have You Ever...(explain too.):
+Date a best friend?: "yah"
+Kiss a best friend?: "yah"
+Smoke? If so, why do you/why did you start?: "i've smoked , because it was the 'cool' thing to do.. but i quit because it was such a waste"
+Drink? If so, why do you/why did you start?: "same as above"
+Do Drugs? If so, why do you/why did you start?: "only weed. but not anymore "
+Get piercings other than ears?: "have my belly button .. i want my nose and my tounge"
+Get an abortion?: "no way"
+Have sex 'for fun'?: "i have.. nd it was fun .. but i regret it now"
+Get a tattoo?: "yah i want one of pebbles from the flinstones"
+Lie to your best friend?: "i have.. and we ended up in this big fight it wasnt worth it"
+Date a friend's ex?: "if it was 100% okay with them"

What are your beliefs on....
+Gay Marriages: "if you honesltly love someone no matter what sex you should be able to be married even if your of the same sex"
+Sex Before Marriage: "i dont see a problem with it . as long as its safe sex"
+The War in Iraq: "im against war in general"
+Self-Mutilation: "people have all different ways of taking out there anger . sadly some people do things like cut im against it but i do understand why some people would"
+Abortion: "im just against this i think its horrible"
+Labels (i.e. preppy, skater, goth, etc.): "people are who they are , labeling is just a word i just look past it"
+Religion: "im catholic, i just dont believe in alot of the things like not being able to eat meat on fridays during lent. and other little things like that"

Famous Last Words:
+Link to where you promoted(@ least 2 places please)!: ""

+Who sent you/how did you find out?: "just searching for random communities"
+A suggestion for this community?: "uhh cant think of one"
+Show us four pictures. 1 of you with a friend, one without makeup and 2 of anything you like. "
me and a friend
Image hosted by
me without make-up .. its me while i was dyin my hair.. but its the only one i have without make up on
Image hosted by
2 others
Image hosted by
Image hosted by"

+Aim Name(that way mods can ask you shit): "wunand0nlii"
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