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Alexandra Grace Roselli
+Location: Delray beach Florida
+Nicknames: Alex
+Boyfriend/Girlfriend: enjoying the single life =]]
+Music Choice:
i enjoy all types of music

To Make You Think(please give resons):

+What is your favorite song? Please Explain Why!:
movin' on- rascal flatts, because its really inspirational and its a really great song
+If you could meet one famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you tell them?:
brad pitt, because hes gorgeous, and i'd ask him to marry me
+If you were able to live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?: i would live on a gorgeous island in the middle of the ocean
+If you had 5 million dollars, what would you do with it?: I would save some, and then with the other i would go shopping and give share with my family
+If you could be on any reality tv show, which one would it be and why?:
real world, because it looks like a lot of fun


+What's your idea of "the perfect date"?:
as long as i'm with somebody that i care about, and enjoy being with them, the date already would be perfect.
+What's the sweetest thing you have done for anyone?:
when my best friend went on vacation over the summer, i wrote her a letter everyday and sent her something that had to do with something that occured during the day.. i think thats probably the sweetest
+What's the sweetest thing anyone has done for you?:
i haven't gotten one of those yet =[[
+What's your favorite taste?: 
something cinnamin =]]
+What's your favorite smell?:
+Do you think laughs are contagious?: most definitely

Would/Have You Ever...(explain too.):

+Date a best friend?:
i never have, but i definitely would, whats better than being with somebody who knows the real you, who you can joke about everything with, and they know all your deepest secrets
+Kiss a best friend?:
probably not, unless i knew that he felt the same ways as i did, i wouldnt want to ruin the friend ship
+Smoke? If so, why do you/why did you start?: i have, but i dont like it very much, i just dont see the point.
+Drink? If so, why do you/why did you start?:  sometimes, when im wiht my friends, its fun.
+Do Drugs? If so, why do you/why did you start?:
nope, i respect my body more than that
+Get piercings other than ears?:
i have my belly button pierced
+Get an abortion?:
i wouldnt be able to answer that, ive never been in the situation where i really had to decide, it would take a lot of thinking about 
+Have sex 'for fun'?:
if it was with somebody i loved
+Get a tattoo?:
+Lie to your best friend?: no because they trust you to be honest no matter what
+Date a friend's ex?: only if my friend didnt mind and i had her permission

What are your beliefs on....

+Gay Marriages:
if two people truly love eachother, and want get married they should be able to no matter what sex they are.. a marriage is a vow of loyalty and love to eachother and i dont understand why they wouldnt be able to take that vow.
+Sex Before Marriage:
if someone is in love with somebody and they care and trust about them so much, they should be able to share their love with eachother. 
+The War in Iraq:
its ridiculous. but those men who are fighting over there, they are true heros.
+Self-Mutilation: its a serious problem
+Abortion: pro-choice. its a women's choice.
+Labels (i.e. preppy, skater, goth, etc.): labels shouldnt make a person, the person should make who they are.
+Religion: its wonderful to believe in something and have complete faith.

Famous Last Words:

+Link to where you promoted(@ least 2 places please)!: 
alexownsyou journal // alexownsyou info
+Who sent you/how did you find out?:
+A suggestion for this community?:
none, its perfect
+Show us four pictures.

1 of you with a friend,

one without makeup

                                                                  ^^^^^^ middle.

and 2 of anything you like.

+Aim Name(that way mods can ask you shit):
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