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+Name: Rachel


+Location: Rochester, Michigan

+Nicknames: justtt Rachel <3

+Boyfriend/Girlfriend: yeah, his name is Chris <33

+Music Choice: i love everything really. i favor alternative rock the most


To Make You Think(please give resons):

+What is your favorite song? Please Explain Why!: Relient K - Less is more :: because i love them for one and its not very often that you get a good christian rock song that is actually meaningful to your life.

+If you could meet one famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you tell them?: George Bush not because i LIKE the man.. only to tell him how an ACTUALL person feels about the war. not like i could change his mind tho :\

+If you were able to live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?: indiana, my boyfriend lives there and its so hard with him being so far away. Its also a fun place to be i like the 'city' more than just suberban areas.

+If you had 5 million dollars, what would you do with it?: i think that would be more money than i would know WHAT to do with!.. id use some of it for college, some to buy my  mom a house since we have always lived in apartments. annd i guess i would give the rest to family and friends. 

+If you could be on any reality tv show, which one would it be and why?: The Real World, because i love how they actually give them real life experiences with a variety of people and an actually JOB!



+What's your idea of "the perfect date"?: im not one for a big fancy expencive kind of a date. i just like hanging out watching movies and talking and such.

+What's the sweetest thing you have done for anyone?: probably when my friend was having a hard time i just told her even tho i was beyond mad with her that i was coming over. her dad was having an affair. she had to movie up north to a trailer with her grandma. her dad was going to jail. ick a whole bunch of shit was going on!

+What's the sweetest thing anyone has done for you?: my boyfriend just about every week writes amazing letters. sure its not a HUGE thing but with him being so far away it means the world to me. 

+What's your favorite taste?: Strawberry Ice Cream <33 enough said.

+What's your favorite smell?: my moms perfume :D

+Do you think laughs are contagious?: depends.. sometimes if someone is laughing for no reason i think its hilarious just watching them.. yet in some cases you cant do anything but stare at them making a fool on themselves.


Would/Have You Ever...(explain too.):

+Date a best friend?: yes i did.. i liked him for about a year but he had a girlfriend.. when they broke up i was there for him :D in the summer we always hung out and we just decided to go out. 

+Kiss a best friend?: i kissed him. it was kind of akward tho. that was one of the reasons it didnt work out. i wouldnt advise you all to do that unless your looking for a 'friends with benifits' thing.

+Smoke? If so, why do you/why did you start?: no i dont!! my mom does and thats hard enough.

+Drink? If so, why do you/why did you start?: i nv have.. but i dont see the harm in it.

+Do Drugs? If so, why do you/why did you start?: god no! thats one thing i would deffinatly NOT do!

+Get piercings other than ears?: i want my nose and belly botton peirced. i know everyone does that but i mean people get so much pierced... theres nothing left to do without 'conforming'! 

+Get an abortion?: i coulnt live with myself if i did.

+Have sex 'for fun'?: i dont think sex is something you do just for the hell of it. i havent had sex so its not for me to judge something i havent experienced. 

+Get a tattoo?: i used to want one but im a sucker for needles. i dont think i could go through that!

+Lie to your best friend?: i only have for their benifit, but im a horrible liar and she always seems to know.

+Date a friend's ex?: i think thats territory that a best friend should not go into.


What are your beliefs on....

+Gay Marriages: you cant help who you fall in love with. no one should judge someone for how they were born.

+Sex Before Marriage: i think sex is something that should be shared between two people that love eachother.. it doesnt matter if they are legally binded! but its only right i think if you know you are going to marry the person.

+The War in Iraq: personally i think its horrible that people support it. the only good it has solved is citizens of iraq being able to VOTE! thats done.. so why on earth are our men and women still there?!?!

+Self-Mutilation: i used to cut myself so i have the right to say its WRONG... and it solves NOTHING! 

+Abortion: i dont think its right for the government to say its illegal for a women to get an abortion yet i think she should know in her heart that its morally wrong no matter the case. 

+Labels (i.e. preppy, skater, goth, etc.): everyone has a lable and they give it to themselves! lables serve no perpous but at the same time dont do any harm unless the are used against the person they are completly fine.

+Religion: i would feel lost without my relationship with God and i think if everyone who isnt religious would become faithful they would realize the point in it and how much it changes you.


Famous Last Words:

+Link to where you promoted(@ least 2 places please)!: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=onlyxhonesty


+Who sent you/how did you find out?: i think i saw it in the userinfo of __innerxbeauty ?

+A suggestion for this community?: im not even in it.. i have no right to name its faults even tho from the few minutes i have looked at it and contimplated joining it seems fine.

+Show us four pictures.


1 of you with a friend,


this is the only one i have.. not clear i know.

one without makeup


and 2 of anything you like.

+Aim Name(that way mods can ask you shit): heaven xsentx024

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